This last weekend I got the chance to visit my dear friend Emerald. She lives in Helena in this cute little quaint apartment above her grandparents’ house. Living there she has the opportunity to spend quality time with her grandparents, Ed and Lois. While staying there Emerald and I spent some time downstairs with the two of them. Ed is the cutest, most entertaining grandpa I have ever been around, while Lois is very quiet and reserved. After being together for 64 years she just might not be entertained as easily by his jokes as I was! As Emmy and I were getting ready to head upstairs we walked out into the living room to see Ed holding up this huge atlas. He looked up at the two of us and said, “The atlas and the Bible are my two favorite books.” Emmy replied with, “Don’t forget about the dictionary Grandpa.”

I will never forget what was said next. Ed looked up at me smiling, “Oh yes, the dictionary! I was looking around for our dictionary just the other day actually to look up the word serendipitous!”

My jaw dropped as I looked over at Emmy. She went on to tell Ed that ‘serendipity’ was my favorite word and I could tell him the definition. As I told him he said ‘serendipity’ had never happened to him. He paused, chuckled to himself and then said, “Except for once!” He went on to tell the story of how he met Lois. I’ve heard this story a couple other times while visiting Emmy, but I just smiled as he told it again with such pride.

Ed lived in New York City. Lois lived in Helena, Montana. Lois was visiting her cousin Wayne in NYC. Wayne knew Ed. Wayne invited Ed out to dinner one night with Lois and a few other people. The night Ed met Lois, she was actually on a date with another guy. The next day Ed called Wayne up and said, “Is your cousin Lois going with anyone?” Wayne responded no and Ed came back with, “Well she is now!”

I must say that every time Ed says that last line he has the most incredibly adorable smile on his face. It’s his favorite part of the story. One story that I don’t mind hearing over and over again.

3 thoughts on “ED + LOIS

  1. Thank you, so much Alicia! This is all very well put! I love that you love my grandparents too! They are pretty precious and I love that you got to share time with us! We all can’t wait for you to come back soon!

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