Just as serendipity has entered my life, the medium of film has decided to curl up and make itself at home as well. And boy have I welcomed it with open arms.

As a photographer, I’m still trying to find my own voice. I’m only 22 for goodness sake. I feel incredibly blessed to even know what I want to do with my life at this age. Blessed by the people who have entered my life and had an impact on both my photography and growth as an individual. Blessed to have the opportunity to keep learning, growing, and continuing on the journey of finding that big voice I know exists.

First step in finding said voice: start shooting film. I was inspired by the thought of  film and continue to be on a daily basis. It gives me a sense of freedom. The kind of freedom that allows me to focus on the moments happening in front of me, instead of checking to see if I’ve gotten the perfect exposure. Moments just like the ones below. Tatum and Isley are two darling little girls that I hold near and dear to my heart. From stories, to dress up, to singing made up songs and laughter that is completely contagious, these girls know how to put a smile on my face and how to make that voice inside of me scream just a little bit louder. 

All photos taken with a Canon AE-1 and Kodak Portra 400.

3 thoughts on “TATUM + ISLEY

  1. Leesh, you are so talented. You inspire me! I am so proud of you and so honored to have you for a friend. It’s such a blessing to watch you grow and find your ‘voice’. These girls will forever cherish all the photos you’ve taken of them.

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